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Welcome to the world of higher education at the prestigious Universidad Nacional De Córdoba (UNC) in Argentina. As the oldest university in the country and the third oldest in the Americas, UNC has a rich history of academic excellence and innovation. With a wide range of academic programs, research opportunities, and a vibrant campus life, UNC is a leading institution that attracts students from all over the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • UNC is the oldest university in Argentina and the third oldest in the Americas.
  • The university offers a wide range of academic programs in various fields.
  • UNC is known for its prestigious education, research opportunities, and vibrant campus life.
  • The university welcomes international students and provides scholarships to support their education.
  • UNC is committed to providing a well-rounded educational experience with ample facilities for sports and extracurricular activities.

History of UNC

The Universidad Nacional De Córdoba (UNC) has a rich and fascinating history that spans over four centuries. The university was founded during the Jesuit era in 1610 as the Collegium Maximum and gained official university status in 1622, making it the first university in Argentina. Under Jesuit control, the university flourished as a center of education and innovation.

However, the Jesuit era came to an end in 1767 when the Jesuits were expelled from Argentina. Following this, the university went through a period of transition and experienced various changes in leadership. It was during the post-Jesuit era that the university underwent significant reforms that would shape its future.

One of the most influential reforms in the history of UNC took place in 1918, known as the university reform. This reform aimed to democratize higher education and grant university autonomy. It brought about important changes in curriculum, governance, and student participation, establishing UNC as a leader in academic excellence and innovation.

“The university reform of 1918 marked a turning point in the history of UNC. It ushered in a new era of academic freedom and student participation, setting the stage for a vibrant and dynamic university community.” – Dr. María González, Professor of History at UNC

Today, UNC continues to build upon its illustrious history, providing students with a prestigious education and a nurturing environment for intellectual growth. The university’s commitment to excellence and innovation is rooted in its storied past, making it a beacon of knowledge and learning in Argentina.

Year Key Milestone
1610 Founding of the Collegium Maximum during the Jesuit era
1622 Official university status, becoming the first university in Argentina
1767 Expulsion of the Jesuits from Argentina
1918 University reform, establishing academic freedom and student participation

Faculties and Academic Offerings

Universidad Nacional De Córdoba - Unc

At Universidad Nacional De Córdoba (UNC) in Argentina, you’ll find a diverse range of faculties and academic programs that cater to a wide range of interests and career paths. With 13 faculties offering nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate degrees, UNC provides a comprehensive education that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their chosen fields.

Each faculty at UNC specializes in a specific area of study, allowing students to delve deep into their chosen discipline. From the Faculty of Medicine to the Faculty of Law, and from the Faculty of Philosophy to the Faculty of Exact Sciences, there is a multitude of academic programs to explore. Whether you’re interested in arts and humanities, economics and finance, or science and technology, UNC has a faculty and program to suit your interests.

Not only does UNC provide a wide range of academic programs, but the university also boasts over 100 academic research centers. These research centers offer students the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research and contribute to advancements in their respective fields. Whether you have a passion for environmental research, biomedical sciences, or social sciences, UNC’s research centers provide a rich and dynamic environment for academic exploration and inquiry.

Faculties and Programs at Universidad Nacional De Córdoba – Unc

Faculty Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs
Faculty of Medicine Medicine
Medical Research
Clinical Specializations
Public Health
Faculty of Law Law Legal Research
Master of Laws
Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities Philosophy
Visual Arts
Philosophical Research
Master of Arts
Faculty of Economics Economics
Business Administration
Economic Research
Master of Business Administration
Faculty of Exact Sciences, Physical and Natural Mathematics
Scientific Research
Master of Science

With an array of faculties, academic programs, and research centers, UNC offers students a well-rounded educational experience that prepares them for success in their future endeavors.

International Opportunities

Studying abroad can be a transformative experience, opening doors to new cultures, perspectives, and academic opportunities. The Universidad Nacional De Córdoba (UNC) in Argentina recognizes the value of international exchange and warmly welcomes students from around the world to participate in their study abroad programs.

For international students looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant academic environment of UNC, the university offers a range of options. You can enroll in undergraduate degree courses for one or two semesters, providing you have a certified Spanish upper-intermediate proficiency. This requirement ensures that you can fully engage with the coursework and take advantage of the educational opportunities available. UNC also provides comprehensive support to international students through their Academic Coordinators and Buddy Program, ensuring that you feel supported and integrated into university life from the moment you arrive.

By studying abroad at UNC, you’ll have the chance to learn from esteemed professors in your field, collaborate with local students, and gain a deeper understanding of Argentine culture. Whether you’re interested in the arts, sciences, or humanities, UNC offers a diverse range of academic programs to suit your interests and goals.

Benefits of Studying Abroad at UNC Requirements for International Students
  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in Argentine culture
  • Access to esteemed professors and research facilities
  • Collaboration with local students
  • Diverse range of academic programs
  • Certified Spanish upper-intermediate proficiency
  • Valid passport and student visa
  • Proof of financial support
  • Health insurance coverage
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Embark on a life-changing educational journey by studying abroad at the Universidad Nacional De Córdoba. Discover new horizons, gain invaluable experiences, and broaden your academic and cultural perspectives.

Student Testimonial

“Studying abroad at UNC was a truly enriching experience. The university’s commitment to international students and their support programs made me feel at home from day one. I had the opportunity to engage with passionate professors, learn from talented peers, and explore the vibrant culture of Córdoba. It was an unforgettable journey of personal and academic growth.”

– Maria Rodriguez, International Student

Campus Life and Facilities

When it comes to campus life, Universidad Nacional De Córdoba (UNC) in Argentina provides students with a vibrant and enriching experience. The university offers a wide range of facilities that enhance student life and promote a well-rounded educational journey.

One of the highlights of UNC’s campus is its state-of-the-art gymnasium, which is equipped with modern exercise equipment and provides students with ample space for physical activities. Whether you’re into weightlifting, cardio workouts, or group fitness classes, the gymnasium offers something for everyone to stay fit and healthy.

In addition to the gymnasium, UNC boasts a 12-hectare sports field that caters to various sports activities. From soccer and rugby to tennis and track and field, students have the opportunity to engage in their favorite sports and compete in friendly matches with their peers. The sports field also provides a scenic backdrop for outdoor events and is a popular gathering spot for students.

Facility Description
Gymnasium A state-of-the-art facility equipped with modern exercise equipment and offering a variety of fitness classes.
Sports Field A 12-hectare field that provides space for various sports activities, including soccer, rugby, tennis, and track and field.

Beyond sports facilities, UNC encourages student involvement in extracurricular activities and provides a dynamic environment for personal growth and development. Students can join clubs and organizations, participate in cultural events, and engage in community service projects. These activities not only foster a sense of belonging but also help students build valuable skills and explore their interests outside of the classroom.

“UNC’s campus offers a vibrant and inclusive community where students can pursue their academic goals while also enjoying a well-rounded college experience.”

Student Testimonial: Embracing Campus Life at UNC

“Being a part of UNC’s campus community has been an incredible experience for me. The gymnasium and sports field have allowed me to stay active and participate in my favorite sports. I also joined a club on campus, which has enabled me to meet like-minded individuals and create lifelong friendships. UNC’s commitment to providing a vibrant campus life has truly enriched my college journey.”

Scholarships and Financial Support

At Universidad Nacional De Córdoba – UNC, we believe that every student should have access to quality education regardless of their financial background. That is why we are dedicated to providing scholarships and financial support to help students achieve their academic goals. Our scholarships are available based on both academic merit and financial need, ensuring that opportunities are accessible to all deserving students.

Our range of scholarships includes:

  • Merit-based scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements. They recognize and reward students for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence.
  • Need-based scholarships: These scholarships are designed to assist students who require financial assistance to pursue their studies. They aim to alleviate the financial burden and ensure that students can focus on their education without worrying about the costs.
  • Specialized scholarships: We also offer specialized scholarships for students in specific fields of study. These scholarships are tailored to support students pursuing academic programs in areas such as research, arts, sciences, and more.

In addition to scholarships, we provide various other forms of financial support, including grants and funding opportunities. We understand that pursuing higher education can be expensive, and we are committed to helping our students overcome financial barriers and achieve their academic aspirations.

Scholarship Name Eligibility Criteria Benefits
Academic Excellence Scholarship High academic achievement Tuition fee waiver, monthly stipend
Financial Need Scholarship Demonstrated financial need Tuition fee reduction, financial assistance
Research Grant Enrollment in research program Financial support for research projects

Our scholarships and financial support options are designed to ensure that you can make the most of your academic opportunities at UNC. We believe that talent and dedication should be nurtured, and we are committed to providing the necessary resources for you to succeed. With our scholarships and financial support, you can focus on your studies, pursue your passions, and create a bright future for yourself.


The Universidad Nacional De Córdoba (UNC) in Argentina offers a prestigious education with a rich history and a wide range of academic programs. With its commitment to research and innovation, UNC provides students with exceptional opportunities to explore their fields of interest and engage in groundbreaking research projects. The university’s vibrant campus life fosters a sense of community and provides students with a supportive and dynamic environment for personal and academic growth.

UNC proudly welcomes international students from around the world, offering a culturally diverse and inclusive community. The university provides various support programs to ensure the success of international students, including on-site orientation, academic coordinators, and a buddy program. UNC also offers scholarships to help international students pursue their educational goals and fully experience the enriching opportunities available on campus.

By choosing UNC, you will have the opportunity to receive a prestigious education, supported by a world-class faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you’re interested in the humanities, sciences, or professional fields, UNC offers a wide range of academic programs to suit your interests and goals. With its commitment to research, vibrant campus life, and dedication to supporting international students, UNC is the ideal destination for those seeking a transformative educational experience.


How old is the Universidad Nacional De Córdoba (UNC)?

UNC was founded in 1613, making it the oldest university in Argentina and the third oldest in the Americas.

Where is UNC located?

UNC is located in Córdoba, Argentina.

What academic programs does UNC offer?

UNC offers a wide range of academic programs in fields such as agriculture, architecture, arts, chemistry, communication sciences, dentistry, economics, exact sciences, languages, law, medicine, philosophy, humanities, and psychology.

How many students and academic staff members does UNC have?

UNC has over 100,000 students and 8,200 academic staff members.

Does UNC welcome international students?

Yes, UNC welcomes international students and offers opportunities for study abroad and academic exchange programs.

Are there scholarships available for students at UNC?

Yes, UNC provides scholarships based on academic merit and financial need to ensure that students have access to quality education regardless of their financial background.

What facilities and amenities are available on the UNC campus?

UNC offers facilities such as an indoor gymnasium, sports hall, and a 12-hectare sports field for various sports activities. The university promotes a well-rounded educational experience by encouraging student involvement in extracurricular activities and sports.

How can international students get support at UNC?

UNC provides on-site orientation and ongoing support through Academic Coordinators and the Buddy Program to ensure a smooth and enriching experience for international students.

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