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Established in 1949, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is a premier academic institution in China, offering a wide range of language and cultural study programs. Committed to preparing innovative professionals and global leaders, SISU is renowned for its expertise in international education. With its location in Shanghai, one of the most dynamic and influential cities in the world, SISU provides an exceptional environment for students to explore and thrive.

Key Takeaways:

  • SISU is a top academic institution in China, specializing in language and cultural studies.
  • The university is committed to preparing students for success in a globalized world.
  • Located in Shanghai, SISU offers a vibrant and diverse learning environment.
  • Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture.
  • SISU provides a range of academic programs and international opportunities to enhance students’ skills and knowledge.

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Whether you’re interested in studying abroad or pursuing a degree in China, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is an ideal choice. With its comprehensive language and cultural study programs, top-notch academic offerings, vibrant campus life, and numerous international opportunities, SISU provides the perfect platform for your educational journey. Explore the diverse range of programs and seize the chance to broaden your horizons at SISU.

Language and Cultural Study Programs at SISU

SISU offers comprehensive language and cultural study programs for both domestic and international students. These programs are designed to enhance linguistic proficiency and foster cultural understanding. Whether you want to study Chinese language and culture or explore other foreign languages, SISU provides a diverse range of options to suit your interests.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Chinese language and culture through SISU’s immersive experiences, rigorous coursework, and engaging cultural activities. Our experienced faculty members guide students in gaining valuable insights into the language, history, literature, art, and traditions of China. By studying at SISU, you will develop a deep appreciation for Chinese culture and expand your cross-cultural communication skills.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, SISU offers Chinese language programs tailored to your proficiency level. Our courses are designed to develop your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in Mandarin Chinese. Through interactive classroom activities, language lab sessions, and cultural excursions, you will gain practical and functional language skills that can be applied in real-world contexts.

In addition to Chinese language programs, SISU also offers a range of language courses in other foreign languages. These courses provide you with the opportunity to explore different cultures and broaden your global perspective. By studying a foreign language at SISU, you will not only enhance your linguistic abilities but also develop a deeper understanding of the customs, traditions, and nuances of different societies.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Shanghai, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and international influence. As you study Chinese language and culture or other foreign languages at SISU, you will have countless opportunities to apply your language skills in authentic contexts. Explore local markets, engage in cultural exchanges, and participate in community activities to fully immerse yourself in the language and culture of Shanghai.

Embark on a transformative journey of language and cultural exploration at SISU. With our diverse programs, experienced faculty, and vibrant location in Shanghai, you can elevate your language skills, broaden your cultural horizons, and gain a deeper understanding of China and the world.

Academic Offerings at SISU

SISU (Shanghai International Studies University) proudly offers a diverse range of academic programs catering to various fields of study. With a strong emphasis on global studies, SISU equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today’s interconnected world. Whether you aspire to pursue international relations, economics, journalism, or education, SISU provides a top-tier education that prepares you for a successful career.

At SISU, we prioritize quality education and research opportunities. Our esteemed faculty members are renowned experts in their respective fields, ensuring that you receive the highest level of instruction and guidance. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, they will inspire and challenge you to reach your full potential.

Here are some of the academic offerings available at SISU:

  1. International Relations: Gain a deep understanding of global politics, diplomacy, and international affairs through our comprehensive international relations program.
  2. Economics: Dive into the world of economics and develop a strong foundation in economic theories, policies, and analysis.
  3. Journalism: Study journalism at SISU and master the skills needed to become a competent and ethical journalist in the rapidly evolving media landscape.
  4. Education: Explore the field of education and learn the strategies and techniques necessary to make a positive impact as an educator.
  5. And more: SISU offers a wide range of other academic programs, ensuring that you can find your passion and pursue it successfully.
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With our commitment to international education and our location in Shanghai, one of the world’s most vibrant cities, SISU provides a truly remarkable learning experience. Immerse yourself in the diverse community at SISU, engage in intellectual discussions, and develop lifelong friendships with students from around the globe.

SISU is your gateway to a world-class education in China. Discover the academic offerings that await you and embark on a transformative educational journey at SISU.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Campus Life and Facilities at SISU

SISU offers a vibrant campus experience that fosters a stimulating and multicultural environment. Our campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, providing students with everything they need to thrive in their academic journey. From top-notch libraries and modern sports facilities to cutting-edge research centers and cultural spaces, SISU ensures that students have access to resources that support both their intellectual and personal growth.

At SISU, we believe in a well-rounded college experience, which is why we encourage students to engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities. Whether you have a passion for sports, arts, or community service, there are ample opportunities to pursue your interests outside of the classroom. These activities not only enhance your skills but also promote a sense of community and personal development.

Lu Xun Park

One unique cultural element of our campus is the presence of Lu Xun Park, which pays homage to the renowned figure of modern Chinese literature. It is a tranquil space where students can find inspiration and reflection amidst their busy academic lives. Lu Xun Park serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage that surrounds our university.

Overall, SISU’s campus life and facilities are designed to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for students. Whether you are pursuing athletics and fitness, engaging in the arts, or simply exploring the campus grounds, SISU offers a dynamic and fulfilling college experience.

Study Abroad and International Opportunities at SISU

SISU offers an array of study abroad programs and international opportunities, allowing students to immerse themselves in different cultures and gain a global perspective. Through partnerships with renowned institutions around the world, SISU provides diverse options for students to broaden their horizons.

Whether you choose a semester-long exchange, a short-term intensive program, an internship, or a research opportunity, studying abroad at SISU will enhance your intercultural competence and strengthen your academic and professional profile. These experiences not only expose you to new perspectives but also enable you to develop important skills such as adaptability, cross-cultural communication, and global awareness.

By stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing international education in China, you’ll not only gain a deeper understanding of different cultures but also create lifelong memories and friendships. Study abroad in Shanghai and discover the exciting possibilities that await you!


Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) is a top-tier institution located in Shanghai, China. As one of the top universities in Shanghai, SISU offers a wide range of language, cultural, and academic programs, making it an ideal choice for students seeking a high-quality education.

With its commitment to international education, SISU provides students with a dynamic environment to explore and excel. Whether you are interested in studying Chinese language and culture or pursuing an academic discipline, SISU equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a globalized world.

The university’s vibrant campuses contribute to a stimulating and multicultural atmosphere. SISU offers state-of-the-art facilities, including libraries, sports facilities, research centers, and cultural spaces. Moreover, the presence of Lu Xun Park adds a unique cultural element to the campus, paying homage to the renowned figure of modern Chinese literature.

Choosing SISU means gaining access to a top-tier education and experiencing the vibrant city of Shanghai. As a recognized leader in international education in China, SISU opens doors to numerous study abroad and international opportunities. By participating in these programs, you can broaden your perspectives, immerse yourself in different cultures, and enhance your intercultural competence.


Can international students study at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)?

Yes, SISU offers comprehensive language and cultural study programs for both domestic and international students.

What language options are available for students at SISU?

Students can choose from a variety of language options, including Chinese and other foreign languages.

What academic fields and programs does SISU offer?

SISU provides diverse academic offerings in fields such as international relations, economics, journalism, education, and more.

What facilities are available on SISU campuses?

SISU campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including libraries, sports facilities, research centers, and cultural spaces.

What extracurricular activities can students participate in at SISU?

Students can engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, and community service.

Does SISU offer study abroad programs?

Yes, SISU encourages students to participate in study abroad programs and offers various options, such as semester-long exchanges, short-term intensive programs, internships, and research opportunities.

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