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Renowned for its academic excellence and distinguished history, the University of Delhi (DU) in India now offers an innovative educational program allowing students to pursue dual degrees. This pioneering initiative affords ambitious learners the opportunity to undertake one degree in a traditional campus setting (regular mode) while simultaneously completing another through distance education. Further, the university has outlined a collaboration with esteemed foreign universities for students to attend a semester abroad, thereby broadening their academic horizons with international exposure. Only Foreign Higher Education Institutions within the top 500 of the QS World Ranking are considered for this partnership, indicative of DU’s commitment to quality education and global networking opportunities for its students.

Key Takeaways

  • University of Delhi is highly regarded for its academic excellence and historic prestige.
  • Delhi University allows students to pursue dual degrees in traditional and distance education modes.
  • DU has partnerships with top-ranked foreign institutions for students to attend a semester abroad.
  • Foreign Higher Education Institutions must be within the top 500 of the QS World Ranking to be considered for collaboration.
  • Delhi University offers diverse programs and courses to cater to the varied interests and aspirations of its students.

Welcome to Delhi University (DU)

Delhi University sets a benchmark for excellence in education, underpinned by its history dating back to the establishment of its first college in 1881, St. Stephen’s College. The formative years saw the affiliation of Hindu College and Ramjas College, creating a potent foundation for a university that now spans across 16 faculties and 77 colleges.

Viceregal Lodge Estate’s historic role as the university library and administrative offices marks a significant chapter in the university’s evolution. With its comprehensive academic structure, DU continues to pave the way for educational innovation, drawing students from across India and beyond for Delhi University admission.

A Legacy of Excellence in Education

DU consistently ranks high in the Delhi University ranking, a testament to its commitment to providing top-notch education. With its vast educational network, DU has laid the foundation for generations of students to excel academically and achieve global success.

Distinguished Alumni and Global Influence

Its legacy includes a globally respected alumni network featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, among others who have made significant contributions to the political, social, and economic sectors worldwide. This strong alumni network reiterates the University of Delhiā€™s role as a leader in shaping future innovators and change-makers.

Innovative Programs and Dual Degrees

The University of Delhi in India is committed to providing students with innovative and flexible learning opportunities in response to the National Education Policy 2020 guidelines. They have introduced joint degree options, including joint Ph.D. degrees, and dual degree programs that allow students to pursue their academic goals with a personalized approach.

Introduction to Joint Degree Options

Delhi University offers students the opportunity to enroll in dual degree programs, whereby they can pursue one degree through a full-time, physical mode and another through Open and Distance Learning or online mode. However, the academic programs chosen for both degrees cannot be identical. This unique approach to education allows students to tailor their academic experience to their individual needs and aspirations.

Delhi University dual degree programs

Collaboration with Top-Ranked Foreign Institutions

One of the most noteworthy aspects of these innovative programs is the collaboration with highly-ranked foreign institutions. This partnership enables Delhi University students to spend a semester abroad, earning credits that contribute to their degree at DU. Only Foreign Higher Education Institutions within the top 500 of the QS World Ranking are considered for this collaboration, ensuring a high-quality international experience for the students involved.

Another key component of the dual degree programs is the requirement for students to choose different research themes or entrepreneurial projects for their dissertations in their fourth year of study. This approach ensures a robust and diverse academic experience, setting them apart in the competitive job market after graduation.

The Delhi University college list boasts an impressive variety of colleges and programs, while the Delhi University fees remain competitive, making the dual degree programs an attractive option for potential students seeking a dynamic educational experience both in India and abroad.

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Getting to Know the Delhi University Campuses

As one of the premier University in India, the University of Delhi is spread across two main campuses, each housing an impressive Delhi University college list. The North Campus and South Campus together hold a plethora of renowned colleges that cater to a diverse range of educational pursuits, offering an enriching environment for their students.

Here is a brief look at the impressive colleges present in both North and South Campus.

The North Campus is situated in the upscale area of North Delhi, consisting of faculties and nine prestigious colleges. Among them are the original trio of St. Stephen’s College, Hindu College, and Ramjas College. The close proximity of these colleges to one another has created an extraordinary atmosphere that fosters academic excellence and camaraderie among the students.

  1. St. Stephen’s College
  2. Hindu College
  3. Ramjas College
  4. Delhi School of Economics
  5. Miranda House
  6. Kirori Mal College
  7. Hans Raj College
  8. Indraprastha College for Women
  9. Sri Ram College of Commerce

In contrast, the establishment of the South Campus in 1973 near Dhaula Kuan has made education more accessible to South Delhi residents. This campus is home to several prominent colleges, including Kamla Nehru College and Lady Shri Ram College, which significantly contribute to the diverse educational landscape that characterizes Delhi University.

  • Kamla Nehru College
  • Lady Shri Ram College
  • Gargi College
  • Sri Venkateswara College
  • Maitreyi College
  • Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
  • Dyal Singh College
  • Jesus and Mary College
  • Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

Having a clear understanding of the Delhi University college list and its campuses is crucial in choosing the campus and academic program that best aligns with your academic goals, ensuring a fruitful and rewarding educational experience at this prestigious university in India.

Comprehensive Academic Offerings at Delhi University

Delhi University caters to the diverse learning goals of its students by offering a wide array of Delhi University courses across various disciplines. From undergraduate and postgraduate courses to research, doctoral, and professional programs, the university is dedicated to nurturing future leaders and innovators in their respective fields.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

Delhi University’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses cover a broad range of subjects, allowing students to pursue their academic passions. Admissions for these undergraduate programs are based on a merit system, with students’ Class XII marks evaluated against the colleges’ cut-off lists. This ensures that only the most diligent and deserving students are granted entry into the prestigious institution.

Research, Doctoral, and Professional Programs

Apart from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, Delhi University also offers advanced academic opportunities in the form of research, doctoral, and professional programs. Students seeking admission into these programs must clear entrance examinations, demonstrating their knowledge and skills in the chosen field. By maintaining rigorous academic standards, Delhi University continues to produce successful professionals and researchers who go on to make significant contributions in their respective industries.

In conclusion, Delhi University’s comprehensive academic offerings, adaptable approach, and commitment to student success have solidified its reputation as a leading institution in India. By providing an array of undergraduate, postgraduate, research, doctoral programs, and professional courses, the university empowers its students to excel in their chosen fields and positively impact society.

Admission Procedures and Cut Offs

The University of Delhi’s admission process ensures that only the most qualified students gain access to their esteemed academic programs.

The Admission Process for Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate admissions at Delhi University begin with the release of cut-off lists, determined predominantly by applicants’ Class XII examination scores. The individual colleges within the university generate these cut-off lists, maintaining stringent standards of academic performance for their prospective students

Entrance Exams for Professional Courses

Professional courses, on the other hand, require applicants to undertake entrance exams designed to evaluate their proficiency, knowledge, and aptitude for specific programs. Candidates must fulfill the university’s high standards of excellence to secure a place within Delhi University’s esteemed student community.


What is the University of Delhi?

The University of Delhi, also known as DU, is a top-ranking university in India with a legacy of excellence in education. It offers a comprehensive range of academic offerings, from undergraduate to postgraduate, doctoral, and professional courses.

What innovative programs and dual degrees are available at Delhi University?

Delhi University offers innovative programs, such as joint degree options under the National Education Policy 2020 guidelines and collaborations with top-ranked foreign institutions. Students can pursue a degree in a traditional campus setting (regular mode) while simultaneously completing another through distance education. They can also spend a semester abroad, earning credits for their degree at DU.

What are the North and South Campuses of Delhi University?

The North Campus, located in North Delhi, houses several faculties and prestigious colleges, including St. Stephen’s, Hindu, and Ramjas College. The South Campus, established in 1973 near Dhaula Kuan, makes education more accessible to South Delhi residents and includes prominent colleges like Kamla Nehru College and Lady Shri Ram College.

How can I apply for undergraduate admission at Delhi University?

Undergraduate admissions at Delhi University are based on the Class XII marks vis-a-vis the colleges’ cut-off lists. Applicants need to have a high enough Class XII score to meet the cut-offs set by the individual colleges of the university for a merit-based entry.

What is the admission process for professional courses at Delhi University?

For professional courses, prospective students need to clear entrance examinations to secure their admission. DU conducts entrance exams to evaluate candidates’ proficiency and suitability, ensuring that only the best candidates join its esteemed student community.

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