Ecole normale supérieure, Paris in France

programs in a variety of disciplines, including science, literature, philosophy, economics and law. The university is divided into two main campuses—the Jussieu campus in the Latin Quarter and the Montparnasse campus. Both campuses offer students access to world-class facilities such as libraries, laboratories and lecture halls. In addition to its academic programs, ENS also provides students with a vibrant student life. Through various clubs and organizations, students are able to explore their interests while making lifelong friends and connections.

Research Opportunities at Ecole normale supérieure
ENS is home to several research institutes dedicated to cutting-edge scientific research and development projects. These institutes include the Institute for Nuclear Physics (IPN), the Institute for Molecular Biology (IMB), the Institute for Astronomy (IA) and the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS). Through these institutes, students are able to participate in research projects with faculty members from around the world. Additionally, ENS has established partnerships with other universities around the world which allows students to gain international experience through internships or exchange programs.

Notable Alumni from Ecole normale supérieure
ENS has produced many notable alumni over its long history, including Nobel Prize winners Pierre Curie and Marie Curie; former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard; former President of France Jacques Chirac; philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre; writer Marcel Proust; scientist Louis Pasteur; mathematician Henri Poincaré; physicist Pierre-Gilles de Gennes; chemist Georges Urbain; novelist Marguerite Duras; economist Thomas Piketty; philosopher Gilles Deleuze; writer Simone de Beauvoir; scientist Marie Skłodowska Curie and many more.

Campus Facilities at Ecole normale supérieure
ENS offers excellent campus facilities which include libraries, laboratories, lecture halls and student accommodation. The university also houses several museums such as Musée des Arts et Métiers (MAM) which displays artifacts related to science and technology as well as Musée de l’Homme which showcases anthropology collections from around the world. Additionally, ENS is home to several cafés where students can relax after a long day of studying or take advantage of free Wi-Fi access provided by the university.

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Admissions Requirements for Ecole normale supérieure
Admission into ENS is highly competitive due to its prestigious reputation. To be eligible for admission into ENS applicants must have completed secondary school studies with excellent grades in all subjects taken during their studies in France or abroad. Applicants must also submit a personal statement outlining their motivations for applying as well as supporting documents such as transcripts or diplomas if applicable. Additionally, applicants must pass an entrance examination that tests their knowledge on various topics such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and more depending on their chosen field of study at ENS.
Conclusion: Summary of the article
In conclusion, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) is one of France’s most prestigious universities located in Paris offering a wide range of academic programs from undergraduate to doctoral level in fields such as science, literature, philosophy and economics among others. Students have access to unique research opportunities through various institutes at ENS while being surrounded by renowned faculty members from around the world who are eager to share their knowledge with students looking for an international education experience in France or abroad. With its rich history dating back centuries ago combined with modern facilities on both campuses located throughout Paris—Jussieu Campus & Montparnasse Campus—ENS is an ideal destination for anyone looking to pursue higher education studies in France or abroad while gaining valuable skills that will last them a lifetime!

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