Diponegoro University: Excellence in Indonesia

Welcome to Diponegoro University (Universitas Diponegoro – Undip), one of the premier higher education institutions in Indonesia. Located in Semarang City, Central Java Province, Undip has a rich history and a strong reputation for academic excellence. Since its establishment in 1956, Undip has been committed to providing high-quality education and preparing students for successful futures.

Undip offers a diverse range of educational opportunities, with 149 study programs across 11 faculties, postgraduate schools, and vocational programs. Whether you’re interested in law, economics, social sciences, humanities, agriculture, engineering, medicine, or psychology, Undip has a program to suit your interests and aspirations.

Ranked among the top universities in Indonesia, Undip has earned accreditation of A (Excellent) from the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education Entity. The university’s commitment to academic excellence is also reflected in its impressive rankings and accolades from national and international institutions.

At Undip, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive admissions process that considers various factors, including academic performance and entrance examinations. Once admitted, you’ll thrive in a vibrant campus life, complete with state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of student organizations. Undip’s campus, nestled in the heart of Semarang City, provides a welcoming and conducive environment for learning and personal growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Diponegoro University (Undip) is a leading Indonesian university located in Semarang City, Central Java Province.
  • Undip offers 149 study programs across 11 faculties, postgraduate schools, and vocational programs.
  • The university has earned an “A” accreditation and impressive rankings and accolades from national and international institutions.
  • Undip has a comprehensive admissions process and provides a vibrant campus life with modern facilities and student organizations.
  • Undip is committed to academic excellence, research, and community engagement, making it a top choice for higher education in Indonesia.

Rankings and Accreditations

Diponegoro University has earned recognition from various national and international ranking systems, solidifying its position as one of the best universities in Indonesia. The university holds an “A” grade accreditation from the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education Entity.

In the Webometrics ranking, Undip was ranked 5th out of all Indonesian universities and 1409th worldwide for its website. Additionally, it secured the 2nd position in Indonesia and 203rd globally for its repository.

“Diponegoro University’s commitment to academic excellence is reflected in its impressive rankings and accreditations. We prioritize providing quality education and fostering a conducive learning environment.”

Undip’s dedication to high standards is further recognized in the 4ICU Web/Domain ranking, where it is listed among the top 5 best campuses in Indonesia.

Internationally, Diponegoro University shines in the QS World University Ranking, securing the 6th position among Indonesian universities. In the QS Asian University Ranking, Undip ranks 7th, solidifying its standing in the region.

Undip’s commitment to sustainable practices is evident in its score of 78 in the World Greenmetrics Ranking, reflecting its efforts towards promoting environmental conservation.

Furthermore, Diponegoro University’s contributions to research are acknowledged, with a notable 7th place ranking in Indonesia for the number of scientific publications indexed in Scopus.

Academic Programs at Diponegoro University

Diponegoro University offers a wide range of academic programs to cater to various fields of study. With 149 study programs, students have the opportunity to pursue their interests and passions. The university has 11 faculties, each offering specialized courses and degrees.

Faculties at Diponegoro University

Faculty Fields of Study
Faculty of Law Law, Notary, Legal Studies
Faculty of Economics and Business Accounting, Management, Economics
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Sociology, International Relations, Political Science
Faculty of Humanities Linguistics, History, Philosophy
Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science, Agribusiness
Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science Fisheries, Marine Science, Aquaculture
Faculty of Public Health Public Health, Environmental Health, Occupational Health
Faculty of Engineering Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Medicine Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy
Faculty of Science and Mathematics Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
Faculty of Psychology Psychology

In addition to the faculties, Diponegoro University also provides postgraduate and vocational programs. This ensures that students can find the right program to suit their educational needs and career aspirations.

Admissions and Campus Life

Diponegoro University offers a comprehensive admissions process to select the most eligible candidates to join its diverse academic community. The university considers various factors, including academic performance, entrance examinations, and interviews, ensuring a fair and holistic evaluation.

To apply to Diponegoro University, prospective students can visit the official website or contact the admissions office for detailed information and guidance. The application process is well-documented, providing step-by-step instructions for a seamless experience. The university understands the importance of accessibility and ensures that all necessary information is readily available to prospective students.

Once admitted, students at Diponegoro University can look forward to an enriching campus life. The university provides state-of-the-art facilities to support academic endeavors, such as libraries and laboratories equipped with the latest resources and technologies. Additionally, students have access to sports facilities to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Undip understands the significance of extracurricular activities and student organizations in fostering personal growth and building lasting friendships. The university encourages students to participate in various clubs, societies, and community service programs, providing opportunities for leadership development and community engagement. Through these activities, students can enhance their social skills and broaden their horizons.

Facilities Student Life
Libraries Sports facilities
Laboratories Extracurricular activities
Study areas Student organizations

Undip’s campus, located in the vibrant city of Semarang, provides a conducive environment for studying and personal growth. The city offers a blend of cultural heritage and modern facilities, creating a unique and exciting atmosphere for students. With easy access to amenities and resources, students can focus on their academic journey while enjoying the diversity of Semarang.

For students aspiring to thrive academically and socially, Diponegoro University offers a nurturing and engaging campus life. The university’s commitment to providing comprehensive facilities and supporting extracurricular activities ensures a well-rounded educational experience for every student.

International Opportunities at Diponegoro University

Undip recognizes the importance of global exposure in shaping well-rounded individuals. The university offers a range of international opportunities for its students, fostering cultural exchange, personal growth, and academic development. One such program is the Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA), which enables students to study at renowned foreign universities on a fully funded basis. Through this program, Undip has sent students to esteemed institutions such as Boston University, University of Warsaw, Radboud University, Lancaster University, and more.

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This international experience goes beyond traditional classrooms, providing students with a deeper understanding of different cultures, broadening their global perspectives, and preparing them for an interconnected world. It offers an enriching environment for academic learning, cultural immersion, and forging lifelong friendships with fellow international students.

In addition to student mobility programs, Diponegoro University actively collaborates with international institutions, hosting conferences and seminars that facilitate knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas. These collaborations create opportunities for students and faculty members to engage with experts and scholars from different parts of the world, further enhancing the university’s academic offerings and global influence.

“International opportunities at Diponegoro University broaden students’ horizons and equip them with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a globalized society.”

Benefits of International Opportunities

  • Academic enrichment through exposure to diverse educational systems and curriculum
  • Cultural exchange and appreciation of different traditions and perspectives
  • Development of intercultural communication and adaptability skills
  • Networking and collaboration with international peers and professionals
  • Enhanced employability in a global job market

Undip’s commitment to internationalization reflects its dedication to providing students with holistic education, emphasizing global competence and intercultural understanding. By embracing international opportunities, Undip fosters an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that prepares students to become global leaders and contributors to society.

Diponegoro University international opportunities

Research and Community Engagement

Diponegoro University (Undip) is committed to fostering research and community engagement, making significant contributions to knowledge and societal development. Through active participation and collaboration, Undip creates a platform for faculty and students to conduct research across various disciplines, ultimately advancing scholarship and understanding.

Undip’s dedication to research is evident in its impressive number of scientific publications indexed in Scopus. These publications not only enhance the university’s reputation but also showcase its commitment to academic excellence. By encouraging research, Undip provides opportunities for scholars to delve into critical issues, explore innovative solutions, and contribute to the global body of knowledge.

Undip also places a strong emphasis on engaging with the community. Through community outreach programs, the university applies its knowledge and expertise to address societal challenges. By actively participating in community engagement initiatives, Undip makes a positive impact on the lives of local residents and fosters a sense of social responsibility among its students.

Undip strongly believes that research and community engagement are pillars essential for strengthening Indonesian higher education. By promoting a culture of research and applying academic knowledge to real-world contexts, the university prepares students to become change agents and contribute meaningfully to society.

Undip’s Research Initiatives

Undip is dedicated to promoting research across various disciplines to drive innovation and advancements in our rapidly evolving world. Some of the key research initiatives at Undip include:

  • Exploring sustainable development strategies to tackle environmental challenges
  • Investigating solutions to improve public health and healthcare systems
  • Advancing technological innovations to enhance industry and society
  • Conducting social sciences research to address pressing sociopolitical issues
  • Contributing to the fields of arts, culture, and humanities through critical inquiry

Undip’s research initiatives not only enhance academic knowledge but also contribute to the development and welfare of the Indonesian society at large.

Community Engagement Programs

Undip actively participates in community engagement programs, applying research findings and academic expertise to address pressing social issues. These programs aim to improve the quality of life and well-being of communities in Indonesia. Some of the community engagement programs conducted by Undip include:

  • Providing healthcare services to underserved communities
  • Partnering with local organizations to promote sustainable agriculture
  • Empowering marginalized groups through education and skill-building initiatives
  • Advocating for environmental conservation and raising awareness
  • Supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses through mentoring and guidance

Undip’s commitment to community engagement not only addresses the immediate needs of communities but also fosters long-term sustainable development and social change.

In summary, Diponegoro University’s research and community engagement activities reflect its dedication to academic excellence and societal development. Through robust research initiatives and impactful community engagement programs, Undip is shaping the future of Indonesian higher education and preparing students to make a positive difference in the world.


Diponegoro University, as one of the leading higher education institutions in Indonesia, is committed to providing students with an exceptional academic experience. With its wide range of academic programs, the university ensures that students have ample opportunities to explore their passions and develop their skills. Undip’s strong rankings and accreditations speak to its reputation for academic excellence.

Undip’s comprehensive admissions process ensures that only the best and brightest students are admitted, creating a vibrant and competitive learning environment. The university’s dedication to research and community engagement further sets it apart, as faculty and students actively contribute to the advancement of knowledge and address societal challenges.

Furthermore, Diponegoro University recognizes the importance of international exposure in today’s globalized world. By providing international opportunities, Undip enables students to broaden their horizons and gain a global perspective. This cultural exchange not only enhances their academic learning but also promotes personal growth and cross-cultural understanding.

In conclusion, Diponegoro University’s commitment to academic excellence, comprehensive admissions process, research, community engagement, and international opportunities solidify its position as one of the top universities in Indonesia. Undip’s contributions to higher education and society as a whole make it an institution of choice for students seeking a well-rounded education and a promising future.


What is Diponegoro University?

Diponegoro University, also known as Universitas Diponegoro or Undip, is one of the leading universities in Indonesia. It is located in Semarang City, Central Java Province.

When was Diponegoro University established?

Diponegoro University was established in 1956 and later granted public university status in 1961.

How many study programs does Diponegoro University offer?

Diponegoro University offers a total of 149 study programs across 11 faculties, postgraduate schools, and vocational school.

What are the faculties at Diponegoro University?

The faculties at Diponegoro University include the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, and Faculty of Psychology.

How can I apply to Diponegoro University?

To apply to Diponegoro University, you can find detailed information on the official website or through the admissions office. The university has a comprehensive admissions process that considers factors such as academic performance, entrance examinations, and interviews.

What facilities does Diponegoro University provide on campus?

Diponegoro University offers various facilities on campus, including libraries, laboratories, sports facilities, and student organizations, to enhance the overall learning experience.

Does Diponegoro University offer international opportunities for students?

Yes, Diponegoro University provides international opportunities for its students. The university participates in the Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) program, allowing students to study at foreign universities on a fully funded basis. Undip has sent students to renowned universities such as Boston University, University of Warsaw, Radboud University, Lancaster University, and more.

What is Diponegoro University’s approach to research and community engagement?

Diponegoro University actively encourages research and community engagement. The university supports faculty and students in conducting research across various disciplines and actively participates in community engagement programs to address societal challenges.

How does Diponegoro University contribute to society?

Diponegoro University contributes to society through its research efforts, community engagement programs, and the application of knowledge and expertise to address societal challenges.

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